Tilly Tally

tilly (n), A small amount over and above quantity purchased, presented as a gift. The Dictionary of Newfoundland English

Yes, that's right, you get more than your money's worth in these boxes, and we state the actual retail value of each month's box.
Brought to you by The Overcast
While The Overcast lets you read about the products of local entrepreneurs, Tilly Tally goes one step further in letting you actually sample the things we write about. Every month, Tilly Tally subscribers will receive a subscription box containing 3-5 locally made products, and a copy of The Overcast, delivered right to your door. From food items to functional crafts, subscribers will be pleasantly surprised every month. Order for yourself as a treat, or give it as a gift to your homesick friends and family.

Why just read about local stuff when you could be holding it in your hands?

How to Subscribe

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